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From My Heart to Yours, LLC Inaugural Post!

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A warm welcome

Welcome to the first blog post of From My Heart to Yours, LLC. I want to thank you for exploring the website and looking into what I can do for you today to assist you in becoming a better and more heartset version of yourself.

The challenges within the world today have made it a daunting task to face the day in many instances. We each have had a dramatic shift in our world, families, place of work, worship, friendships, and love relationships as we have had to navigate our new realities.

The changes that led me here

Much like you, my world has not gone unaffected and over the last four years since 2018, I‘ve had to navigate a great number of changes in my life.  What I can tell you is that through it all at the end I found a deeper sense of peace, love, self-worth, abundance, and calm than I thought might be possible. You might be thinking, “Brad, you’ve no idea what I’ve gone through”.  You know what you’re right, I don’t. I would like you to walk through with me my own path to my new Heartset.

For many years I led a life of what some might call quiet desperation.  An undercurrent of depression masked with a smile, my family walking on eggshells, never knowing who was going to show up. I always had to be right, had to be perfect, had to achieve, and I had to constantly perform to receive accolades and attention.  Does that sound familiar to you?

In the blink of an eye the dominoes began to fall.  My oldest daughter attempted to take her life in 2016, in 2017, and then in 2018 she did.  Before that time and for years I thought that I had to defend her always and would push back on anyone that said anything against her including my own family.

My life began to unravel. 

The first therapist was adequate until decisions that I had made caused a break in my marriage that led to divorce.  The rift opened and a chasm between my surviving children and I began, divorce led to greater depression. My second therapist diagnosed me with PTSD near the end of 2020. Hey what the heck was going on?  I had assisted with and led a grief recovery for 7 ½ years how could that be?

I went out for two months and the first night was not great.  I wondered how I could I go on? It was the darkest night I could remember besides the day I gave my own daughter’s eulogy in 2018. I made great progress with a wonderful therapist and a strong national men’s group. But it wasn’t enough and I really fooled myself thinking I was ready at that time to take on the world as I went back to work and wanted to start on Life coaching in 2021. I started with two life coaches Annie Leib and Michael Padurano what they said to me absolutely floored me.

“Brad you are nowhere near ready”, they were right. 

I invested all of 2021 in unraveling me

understanding my foundation, my core values, the origination of all of my traumas, hurts, pain points, mistrust, and everything in between.  I laid it all down and began to rebuild and embrace every part of me. I started to listen, I mean really listen to my life coaches, to Brene Brown Ph.D., Dr. Edith Eger, Robin Sharma, and so many others in my sphere of trust.  I began to be open to trust and love again.  This time it was being open to love myself.  It’s such a strange thing to be faced with yourself and say who is that person that I used to be?

Embracing my imperfections, practicing meditation in the morning, in the evening, listening to audiobooks of all things The Gifts of Imperfection, and taking those lessons to heart.  It began very slowly very small and there were times that I would tell my life coaches that I didn’t want to show up because of how I was feeling or something that I had done that I didn’t want to reveal, but I did. With each moment, each day, each week, and each month I felt lighter, more centered, more at peace, and feeling a wash of calm growing from within.  I began to understand all parts of me and why a performance-based lifestyle was not a good place to operate from.

 So, I changed not only my mindset but also my heartset as well. That’s where From My Heart to Yours, LLC began to shape and why I am so passionate to help others in uncovering their best selves as well.  The world can be a dark place and I don’t have the ability to help everyone, but I certainly can help as many as I can to start one ripple in the waters so that others might be empowered to become fully renewed within their Heartset as well.

From My Heart to Yours.

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