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You Are NOT Your Trauma

 Trauma is not an illness.

Trauma is an injury of the soul.

And in the same way that a broken bone can heal, the pain of trauma can be eased with time and attention.

heartset life coaching

Through my

Heartset Life Coaching

and the

P.A.T.H forward practice

you can FINALLY dismantle limiting beliefs and reconnect with who you are.

What is Heartset and Why it Matters

We hear a lot in life about “mindset”, and how it allows us to achieve your goals. And I agree, mindset matters-but what about your Heartset?

If your heart and your emotional life are full of anger, pain, toxicity and you’re stuck in the past then no amount of mindset will set you free.

Having a great Heartset is all about allowing yourself to become fully human in a world that has become so disconnected.

And by connecting together your heart and mind, courage with compassion only then can you truly free yourself from past hurts and live with passion and purpose.

What Is Heartset Coaching?

Heartset Coaching is a 4-month journey. 

 We will use my P.A.T.H. forward practice to help you release the trauma of your past and focus on where you are today. With weekly 50- minute coaching calls you can discover where you want to be tomorrow.

heartset life coaching


Knowing and understanding where you are presently is your starting point on the P.A.T.H. toward living in your passion and definitive purpose.


Acknowledging your traumas does not define. you. Allowing yourself time to sit with your emotions, get curious about them, and accept them will help you start the healing process.


You learn to trust the process and yourself - transforming your heart, mind, spirit, and soul, you provide yourself validation, worth, and love to live a more Heartset centered life.


And finally heal through a holistic process that enables you to become a healing presence in others as well. This brings you into your renewed Heartset fully.

Are you ready to exercise the power of daily self-care?

 A life filled with passion, purpose, and peace is closer than you may realize


It’s not just a four-month exercise in introspection;

It's a way of life

By the end of our time together you will…


  • Embrace all of you and feel comfort and satisfaction in your own self-validation by letting go of the blocks, trauma, pain and reactions that have made you feel powerless.
  • Learn how to listen to your inner voice so that you can make empowered decisions and live according to your truth.
  • Have access to tools and breakthrough strategies that can help you work through any fears or limiting beliefs.
  • Say goodbye to any old patterns, emotions and gain genuine self-love and self-belief that do not serve your new Heartset.
  • Start seeing real-life evidence of your recovery as you devote yourself to the miracle of healing.

If you’ve gone through therapy but still don’t feel like you are fully engaged with who you want to be then this is for you.

Simply book your 30-minute complimentary call and get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck so you can release the pain and transform from within.